Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Happens When 2 Canadians Try To Hitch Hike In Portugal?

Our last night in Barcelona turned out to be a pretty interesting night. Graham and Anna, our couch surfing host got the idea that it would be funny if I went to the store with just a plaid shirt and a towel on and nothing else. Surprisingly, I had only had one rum and coke by this point and decided to prove them wrong and go to the store wearing just a towel and my plaid shirt. The best part is that the reason I needed to go to the store was to buy chocolate sauce for a cake Anna made for the birthday party. The video is on facebook if anyone is interested in having a good laugh. After I returned from the store with the chocolate sauce I decided I should put some pants on if we are going to head out to this party. Unfortunately my jeans were still drying on the line so I had to go to plan B. The jeans that Graham bought in Edinburgh that were even too tight for him. I could hardly squeeze into them because they were definitely too small. I could only get one of the buttons up so I had to borrow a belt from Anna so I would look some what presentable. Now that I resolved my pants dilemma we were off to the party. Once I walked in the door with my tight jeans I felt like fresh meat. The party turned out to be one of Anna's friends who is now gay. It was a total sausage fest, but none the less it was still a fun party. Around 1am we headed back to Anna's flat because all the boys were off to the club.

Graham and I caught our 8am train in the morning and slept most of the way to Granada. We arrived in Granada around 7pm and started to look for a place to camp out for the night. We found a little Irish Bar and decided to go in for a beer so we could have a break from walking around the city looking for a good camping spot. About half way through my beer a black guy came up to us selling watches. It wasn't so bad tho because I've had my eyes open for a watch for some time now so I figured it wouldn't hurt to check out what he's got. Upon looking at the watches he had displayed in a little box I told him I wasn't interested. Then he pulled a bag of watches out with a bunch of watches individually wrapped. He started laying the watches out on the table so we could have a look and thats when a nice Tag Heuer watch caught my attention. He wanted 55 Euros for the watch which would be an amazing deal if the watch was real. I told him I would do 50 Euros because I figured it was fake but I still really liked the watch and figured what the hell. If it breaks in a few hours or a few days it will be a good lesson learned. Don't buy watches off black guys in Irish bars in Spain. Just saying that sounds totally wring but as I type the watch still ticks so I'm happy with it. We walked around for atleast a couple hours looking for a spot to camp out but Granada had nothing to offer us. We finally caved in and headed for the hotels in the area to find the cheapest one. We ended up finding a nice 4 star for 50 Euros.

The next morning we tried to book another night in that same hotel but they were booked so we headed off to find another hotel and found a nice little 3 star just up the road. Once we dropped our bags off in the room we headed out for lunch. We found a cool little place operated by a little old lady in a back alley off the main strip and decided to give it a shot. The whole menu was in spanish so we just picked 2 random items on the menu and waited to see what she brought out to us. Graham got a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese and peameal bacon. I got a sandwich with chicken, onions and some sauce. They were both really good so it wasn`t so bad ordering off the `mystery menu`. Graham decided he wanted to explore the hill side of Granada where it seemed to be an older area with white washed houses along with flamenco dancers. I was pretty beat so I decided to head back to the hotel and just relax a bit and grab some beer and tapas. Tapas has been in a pleasant little surpise in Spain but more so in Granada. Depending on where you are in Spain and what bar your at will determine whether you get tapas or not. Tapas is a little dish of food that comes with every alcoholic drink you order. However, it originated in Granada so no matter what bar your in here, it will come with tapas. Some of the dishes we`ve received with drinks have been mixed nuts, dough balls and a plate with chicken, chips and pieces of bread. Tapas is a great idea and I`m definitely going to miss it.

Next morning we caught a train to Badajoz which is a border town right next to Portugal in Spain. We found a 2 star hotel to stay in called the Condedu Hotel. It was surprisingly nice for a 2 star. It came equipped with a flat screen tv, a huge balcony, mini fridge, a safe, A/C and what I would call a 4 star washroom with a baday. After a good nights sleep we started walking towards Portugal with our packs, some water and a little bag of food in case we had to camp out. We walked for about 2 hours to get to the border of Spain and Portugal and once we were across we found a truck stop where we thought we could easily catch a ride with a trucker into Lisbon. It didn`t quite pan out the way we had hoped it would. We attempted to talk to a few truckers and most of them just told us no before we could even ask. One trucker was very nice and even though he couldn`t speak english he tried to help us find a truck that was heading to Lisbon. Asking asking 3-4 truckers for us we decided to head back out to the highway and hold our cardboard `Lisbon` sign out and hope that a passerby would be nice enough to pick us up. we pretty ,much got everything but picked up. We got the finger, thumbs up, waving arms, the peace sign, cars swerving over like they were going to pick us up and then they just take off and lastly we got told by some highway patrol guy that we couldn`t hitch hike and we had to get off the highway.

So, the answer to the title of this blog is that 2 Canadians get really bad farmers tans and end up walking back to Spain to stay in the same hotel as the night before lol.

Once I got back and showered up I decided to walk to the casino to get some poker in but the poker room was pretty lame. They ony had 4 tables and only a dealer at one of them which didn;t even have players. I just watched a bit of roulette and then headed back to the hotel. Graham and I watched `The Adjustment Bureau` which was a pretty good/interesting movie he passed out and I started writing this. Off to Lisbon by bus tommorow so i`ll write in a few days. See ya!

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