Saturday, May 21, 2011

Granada is The Next Stop!

We had our mini camping experience on the beaches of Spain. We left Anna's place around 7 last night and headed to the beach that we were camping on which was about an hour away. We parked about 30 minutes from our actual camp spot so by the time we got to the beach there was no lights other then a light house that wasn't too far away and the odd cruise ship way out in the Mediterranian. We used Graham's Iphone to set up the tents which worked out pretty well, minus the fact that all the directions were in Dutch because we bought the tents when we were back in Holland. Once both tents were up we got a fire going using some dried up cactus leaves and twigs we found on the beach. Once it was going enough to leave it for a bit Graham and I went off into the woods to collect some wood to keep the fire going strong. We ran into some guy near a hut on the beach and I tried to explain to him that we were collecting fire wood but he just stared at me with a blank face. We kept on going and finally found some nice dry wood to burn and on our way back that same guy near the hut started talking to us in near perfect english. He asked us where we were from and told us that he has a daughter that lives in Montreal. It seemed so weird because our first interaction with him was just me speaking english to him and trying to explain things with my hands. He gave us a few pinecones that he said he uses for kindling and offered us to come in for some food but we had left Anna back at the beach so we declined and headed back to work on the fire some more.

Around 11 we saw a bunch of flashlights heading in our direction from the hills. It was kind of creeping us out because we were the only ones around and there was about 6-7 of them. We first thought it may be police because we were having a fire illegally on the beach but it turned out they were just fisherman who do there spear fishing at night. It was interesting to watch them out in the water because all you can see is there flash light moving around out in the water. One of the younger guys came over and sat with us while we had our fire. He only spoke to Anna because he didn't know any english. But he was pretty useful because he knew where a bunch of good fire wood was so he kept going to get wood every time the fire got low. We noticed a big glowing red spot in the sky and we were stumped for about 10 minutes because we couldn't figure out what it was. We first thought it was a cruise ship way off in the distance but it turned out to be the moon. It looked nothing like the moon at first because it was so red but after a little while you could tell clearly what it was. I went to bed by 12 or so because I was beat but Graham and Anna stayed up and eventually all the fisherman ended up back around our camp fire because the water was too choppy to do any good fishing.

I woke up about an hour and a half before Graham and Anna and walked the beach by my self and walked out on some rock points and just relaxed. Eventually people started showing up to the beach and Graham and Anna woke up. It was a nude beach so most of the people were older and butt naked. We did some snorkling around the bigger rocks on the beach and then climbed to the top of one of the bigger rocks and just sat there in the sun for a while. Once we started to feel like we were getting burnt we headed back to the tents and packed everything up to head home.

Graham and I booked our train tickets to Granada for tommorow morning at 8am so tonight we are just going to take it easy. Anna has a birthday party to go to at 10 so we will probably go with her to that but then when they all go to the club at 12 Graham and I will head back and sleep.

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  1. how are you doing....just read again ur comment in one of my blog..thinking to visit you here..granda is a beautiful city..was there last it!