Friday, April 29, 2011

We Made It! Barely!!!

So, we made it here alive and the trip has been amazing so far. We almost didn't get into the Scotland because we didn't have a ticket booked to leave the country. The guy pretty much laughed at us and told us we we're screwed and it took a good 10 minutes to talk our way into letting us in. Graham didn't help the situation when his bank statement stated he only had $6 in his account (it was an old bank statement). We spent our first 2 nights in Glasgow staying with Grahams Aunt Rosie and Uncle Gerry. Our second day here we got dropped off in downtown Glasgow by Grahams cousin Leigh. We started drinking farely early and met a local named Murray who showed us a few of the local pubs and took us to the University of Glasgow. We got some carry out (booze from the corner store) and drank on a big grassy hill with a bunch of people we met down by the university. There must have been about 200-300 people drinking on this hill. It was an awesome party. After that we went bar hopping with some french ladies we met and ended up at a peep show. It was just university students in the peep show so they didnt show everything but it was still fun. At the end of the night we walked home from downtown Glasgow to Cardonald which was about a 4 hour walk. All that walking to get home to a locked door. We ended up sleeping in the back yard on lounge chairs for an hour before Graham remembered they said they would leave a key under the mat. So at 6 am we stumbled into bed.

Last night around dinner time we took the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh to see Dave and Charlotte. Thats a couple that Graham knows. We started the party early at The Amber Rose while waiting to meet up with Dave and Charlotte. We went to 3-4 different bars last night before finally ending up at the Casino around 330 AM. I some how managed to make 80 Pounds playing poker even though I hardly remember it. Graham finished up 35 pounds from black jack. We got back to Dave and Charlottes flat around 630 AM and slept right through the royal wedding. Today Dave had to work so Charlotte took us around and showed us some cool spots around town. Edinburgh is a beautiful city!

We've been absolutely stuffed since we arrived because the food is amazing and it's hard to stop even though you're full. So far we've had haggis balls, haggis on pizza, haggis and bacon sandwich, haggis burgers, deep fried pizza, blood pudding sandwich and curried chicken.

It's currently 215am and were sitting in Dave and Charlottes flat watching the Jays beat the Yankees on the internet.