Saturday, May 7, 2011

Paris To Amsterdam

Our last night in Paris was definitely one of my favourite nights here. We did a walking tour through Paris and learned quite a bit. We met a few Americans and a few Canadians that we hung out with after the tour. We all grabbed some wine, cheese, meats and baguettes and headed down to the Eiffel Tower to eat. It was a nice spot. After that we went back to the hostel to drink in the basement but there was a live band playing so we decided to grab some wine and head back to the Eiffel Tower for the light show they put on every hour at night time. We ended up getting pretty drunk because we made a drinking game that coincided with the lights of the Eiffel Towel so the wine disappeared pretty quick. After the wine was gone we headed back to Aloha Hostel and drank some more wine and beer from the vending machine. Created a new drink called Leffie Juice that is a mix of Orangina and wine. At about 3 am Graham and I headed back to our Hostel to try and get a room but it was booked so we went across the road and slept in the park. We woke up freezing so went back to our hostel to warm up and have some breakfast.

We went to the train station around noon to buy a Eurorail pass to save some money over the next month or so. We grabbed the train at 3 to make it to Amsterdam for 8PM. It was a connecting train and of course we missed the second connecting train because we don't speak french and couldn't make it to the next train in time. We had to then find our way through a series of other trains and arrived in Amsterdam at 10PM. Anne didn't make it out to meet us so we grabbed a hotel on a side street a block away from the Red Light District. We went for a quick walk through the Red Light District and its the real deal here! "Coffee Shops" everywhere and ladies (not sure they really qualify to be called ladies) in windows half naked ready to be purchased for a good time. I'm not sure if it's an Amsterdam thing but our room came with 2 cats. Tarzan and Jane. They came and went as they pleased through the window. It was pretty awesome!

Just woke up and had a quick breakfast in our hotel and now were off to meet Anne to do a Canal Tour and a Tour of the Heineken Brewery. Might also go see Anne Franks house.