Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Italy and Portugal Are Next!

So its may 17th and we've been traveling for 22 days now. It seems like this whole trip has just been a big blur so far, which is probably because of the booze consumption since we landed in Glasgow. Thank god for pictures and this blog to read to reflect on everything that has happened. Yesterday I started playing poker at Casino Barcelona and in my first session of 2 hours at 1-2 Euro I made 65 Euros. The entire table was full of donkeys and as soon as you get any sort of decent hand you get payed off which isnt normal. After dinner and a few rum and cokes I decided to try my luck again so I headed back down to the casino and played for another 2 hours. This time around I made 114 Euros. At this point I was starting to plan out where I could rent a flat and just live here and play poker because the tables were so loose and profitable. But, thats the way I get when things go well a few times in a row lol.

Today we woke up around noon and headed down to the fresh food market and bought stuff for breakfast. After breakfast I decided I would give the poker another go because it was so profitable yesterday. Graham and Anna went to the Cathedral they have been building since the 1800's which I heard was gorgeous. They also checked out a few little parks with live performers and some impressive fountains and ponds. I played poker for 6 hours and ended up losing all the profits I made yesterday. I'll quote the famous Doyle Brunson by saying "Thats poker folks". You have to be prepared for the upwings and downswings of poker if you want play it regularly. It was still a lot of fun to play a nice long session though so I have no regrets. When I got back to the flat after poker Anna and Graham were passed out sleeping. After I woke them up they made an amazing Curry chicken dinner. The way its been working here is that they cook and I do dishes which isnt that bad of a deal. Graham and Anna both passed out early tonight so I snuck out to write this and talk to some people back home.

I think this is the moment I`ve officialy realized I am addicted to traveling. There`s nothing like waking up and heading down to the market and getting food for breakfast for 3 people for 4 Euros and then hopping on the metro down to the beach where the casino is to play some poker or relax on the beach and catch some sun. It`s like the perfect world here, not to mention the fact that everyone is so relaxed and laid back here. It`s not like Toronto where everything is go-go-go.

 On Friday Anna, Graham and myself are heading to some beach about an hour from here to do some camping. Graham and I bought a 2 man tent for each of us when we were in Amsterdam so we will finally get to put them to use. Instead of buying the roll out sleeping mats people generally get, we bought inflatable pool mattresses because they were cheap and they a easy to carry when deflated. They probably arent the best for our backs but were not sleeping on them every night so who cares lol. After a few nights of camping we will probably head back to Annas to pack up our stuff and head to Italy. Italy and Portugal are our next 2 stops because we can not leave the warm weather and beaches. Anyone that has experienced Southern Europe will know what I`m talking about when I say it`s next to impossible to leave here. Anyways, that`s all for now, I have to get some sleep because Graham and I are heading to some small town outside of Barcelona tommorow morning to explore and see what its all about. I`ll try and post again before we go camping. Bye everyone!