Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Less Then A Month Away

27 days to go till we are Scotland bound. Still have a lot of stuff to take care of before we leave. I bought a nice Under Armour spring jacket for the trip but still have a bunch of stuff to buy. I'm hoping to pick up a pack by the end of the week but I have no idea what i'm looking for so hopefully they can help me at the store. Also have to buy a cash belt to make sure my money, passport etc. is safe while were traveling. A camera is another item that I have to buy before we leave. I found one yesterday that shot in HD, 14.2 megapixel and had WiFi capabilities so I could upload right to the net from the camera which I thought was cool. Only problem was that it was a tough screen which didn't work as well as i thought it could (I'm used to the Iphone touch screen that works great). Lastly, it was a Samsung. Not too sure if Samsung cameras are any good but I was hoping to buy a Cannon or a Nikon. Most importantly though we need to get train tickets out of Scotland otherwise they will turn us around and send as back on a plane as soon as we arrive.

Originally we were planning on heading across the Straight of Gibraltar from Spain to Morrocco so we could go across Northern Africa to get over to Egypt but it's looking like thats not the best idea with all the political unrest over there at the moment. We are now thinking a better route would be going through Ukraine to Russia and then through Kazakhastan to get to China and then head south from there. I heard theres a place in either Cambodia or Thailand that you can rent a beach hut for 3$-4$ a night so i'm hoping we can find that and stay there for a bit. Who knows where we'll end up to be honest though. That's the beauty in not having set plans or a specific route to follow.

If anyone has traveled over to Europe. U.K. etc, i'd like to hear of some of the must see places we can check out on our way. It would be kind of cool if this blog could become the go to place if you want to know what to check out, where to stay and where to eat while your over there. So all suggestions are welcome no matter how big or small. Thank you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flight Is Booked

So, it is now official. I booked our tickets on Tuesday and we are leaving on April 25th. The flight leaves at 8:25 pm and we arrive in Glasgow at 8 am on the 26th. Flight works out perfect because we should be able to get a good 4 or 5 hours sleep on the plane and be in reasonable shape on the 26th. Only problem so far is that we have to look into the "entry requirements" for Scotland. Some countries require you to have to show some means of leaving. Considering we booked a one way flight we may have to buy a U.K. rail pass to show them that we do intend on leaving and not mooching off of them.

I'll explain what the plan is for those of you who don't know. My buddy Graham and I are going to land in Scotland and stay with Grahams Aunt or Grandma???  (im not to sure) and from there we want to see some of the U.K. We don't have a set path yet but ultimately we would like to see a bunch of the U.K. and maybe catch a soccer game in England and see some castles in Scotland. From there we want to head across to France wether it's by boat or the tunnel that connects the U.K. to France. What ever is cheaper. Then from there we plan on heading north because I have a friend named Anne that is letting us stay with her for a few days. From Holland we plan on going through Europe in no specific order. Just take it day by day. Ultimately we want to end up in Australia but we haven't decided on our route yet.

We plan on staying in hostels and using http://www.couchsurfing.com/ for places to stay. Im hoping to write on here every couple of days to keep people posted on where and what were doing. Ill upload pics ont facebook as well. Anyways thats all for now.