Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Homeless in Paris..... Almost!

We took the bus from London to Paris today. It was a 10 hour trip in total including 4 hours on the bus, 3 hours on the ferry and then another 3 hours by bus. We arrived at 10 PM with no where to stay so we thought we would take the subway towards the Eiffel Tower and find a place to stay but while we were trying to decipher the ticket dispensing machine because we know next to nothing about the french language, a random guy from Ivory Coast told us that he would take us to a cheap hotel because it would be too expensive near the Eiffel Towel. So we made the excellent decision to go with him and take his word. He seemed pretty Legit because he spoke french and english and apparently lived in London but had family here in Paris. We got on the subway for free because he snuck us in the exit. He took us to a part of Paris called Chateau Rouge. Sounds like a nice place but little did we know. We were in the ghettos of Paris and trying to get into sketchy hotels but they were all booked. After we saw one drug deal go down we decided we should probably walk towards a safer area. We must have checked 15 hotels while but had no luck because its the end of school or something so everything is booked up. We ended up talking to a local that sent us in the direction of a hostel so we arrived here around 1230. With our luck it was totally booked so we had to wait till 2AM to see if there was any cancellations. Luckily there was a few cancellations so we just got some rooms. Heading to sleep now after a long tiring day of travelling and looking for a place to sleep.

London Was a Whirlwind But Still An Awesome Time.

This post is 1 day late because the netbook died just as I was about to post it! So here it is!

I'm laying here in my hostel bed at 1:08am listening to the 2 other random guys in the room snore like 8 year old girls! Pathetic! Graham and I just got in from a great day in London! We arrived by bus at 7am and started wondering around London soon as we got some breakfast in us. We saw a few of the major attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye and a few Museums. We started drinking Sapporos from the local chinese conveinence store and got a good buzz on before heading off at 8 to meet the wonderful Cristina Ferriera (a friend of ours through Mike Drzazga). She took us on our own mini pub crawl to some of her favorite pubs and bars around London. Mind you, some how we ended up at a gay bar for our first round of drinks but none the less it was a good time. We must of went to 6 or 7 bars/pubs before Cristina had to catch the 12 o'clock tube (Britains term for the subway). After Cristina left Graham and I decided it would be a good idea to waonder a bit before heading back to the hostel. We ended up getting free passes to get into a high end dancers club if you know what I mean. We went in and instantly the ladies were after our money. They were very agressive and wouldn't take no for an answer until about 20 minutes passed and they realized we weren't spending any money in there other then the beers we grabbed.