Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As i'm waiting to fall asleep each night I tend to think about the trip and what each day, each week, each city, each country and each experience will throw at me. I wonder what the daily "routine" will be once I'm traveling and what the major differences will be in comparison to my life here. I wonder if it will be more adventure or more vacation? Will we even make it to Australia in the 3.5 months we think it will take? I wonder if this trip/adventure will change me? For better or worse? Will I find my way somewhere else in a far away country and decide to stay? Will I meet life long friends while on the road? All these are questions that will be answered in time. But for now I just have to continue my every day routine and wait for the 25th before those questions start to get answered. So for now i'll continue to wake up and make my coffee and breakfast. I'll continue to watch sports center every morning. I'll continue to work on strengthening my knee and i'll continue to prepare myself for this trip. So those are my plans for the next 20 days, but after that who knows. Thats the beauty of our plan; we have no plan, other then take it day by day and city by city.