Sunday, April 10, 2011

15 Days Until The Start Of My New Life!

Time keeps ticking as the date gets closer and closer. In 15 days the plane will take off from Pearson and then we will land on the 26th in Glasgow. We have our first place to stay once we arrive. We're staying in Paisly with Graham's Aunt which is only a few miles from the airport.

This weekend was the last weekend that I'll make it up to the cottage. I went up Friday morning but had to stop at Casino Rama to feed my ongoing poker addiction. It went well as I made $215 in about 3 hours so I was very pleased. Had a great weekend at the cottage and decided to try my luck at the casino again and in hind sight, I was probably not using my best decision making skills lol. I played poker for about 2 hours and lost $200 so all in all I'm up a whopping $15 dollars this weekend lol. The hand that killed my stack was a pocket pair of nines! Long story short, I made a full house and he made a bigger one on the river after we got all our chips in on the flop. But the important part was that I played well but was just card dead and got all my chips in with the second best hand which is a situation in poker that you can almost never get away from.

One last thought... This weekend I was talking to my friends Dad who owns his own business. So while we were sitting around the fire enjoying a few alcoholic beverages we ended up talking about business and how he started his company etc etc. I won't bore you with the whole conversation but there was one thing he told me to always remember. He explained that the business world is a lot like a whole bunch of people standing around the bottom of a ladder. Most people are always stuck on the bottom step and are always looking up at the asses of those people climbing up the ladder. While others take chances and risks and climb the ladder. The moral of the story/metaphor is to not be the one looking up at the asses of everyone else. You want every one to be looking up at your ass while you climb your way up the ladder!

Don't just stand at the bottom of the Ladder your whole life!

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  1. Cool, I'd like to hear more about how this guy started his business.